Redstone Architects has extensive experience in the design of police architecture. For decades we have assisted local and state law enforcement agencies in the planning and design of their facilities.

Our projects range in size from smaller renovations of existing local police stations to larger facilities for multiple agencies. We have worked with departments on projects as small as a fire arms training facility for the Novi Police Department in Michigan, and as large as the Police Headquarters for the Oklahoma City Police Department. We offer a wide range of architectural and planning services for police and law enforcement organizations with many satisfied clients. Our services can assist your organization through every phase of the project from needs assessment and planning all the way through construction administration

Law Enforcement Consulting

Redstone Architects also provides consulting services for police building design to architects throughout the United States. We have assisted with police station design projects in numerous states including: Delaware, Illinois, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and West Virginia. Redstone Architects provides traditional design-bid-build architectural services as well as partnered design-build services in order to complete projects within an accelerated schedule. At Redstone Architects we also understand the need for government agencies to provide cost-effective solutions for their police and law enforcement architectural needs. Redstone Architects can assist your organization in finding opportunities for efficiencies and shared services that could result in significant savings to your organization’s operating budget.

Sauk Prairie, WI Public Safety Study

Project Description Size: Police:  47,500sf Scope:  Programming & Design Study Estimated Cost: $18-20,000,000 Location: Sauk Prairie, WI Redstone Architects teamed with MSA Professional Services, Inc. to work for Sauk Prairie, WI on a Public Study. The existing police and fire stations were examined and a plan to replace both stations was created. The new stations [...]

Police Department, Battle Creek, MI

project description Redstone Scope of Services: Full Architectural Services Project Size: 46,000sf Construction Budget: $11,200,000 Final Construction Cost: N/A Completion Date: Estimated Summer 2018 The team of Redstone Architects and Architecture + design, Inc. was chosen to develop a Space Needs Analysis and phasing plan to allow the City of Battle Creek to plan for [...]

Police & Jail, Court Study, Ponca City, OK

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Size: Police - 41,000sf / Jail - 12,200sf / Court 8,000sf Scope: Court - Study / Police & Jail - Programming, Space Needs Assessment, Conceptual Design, and Consultation through Construction Construction Budget: $24,000,000 Location: Ponca City, Oklahoma Estimated Completion Date: 2021 Client Contact: Don Bohon, Chief of Police (580) 767-0375   In 2017, [...]

Police Station, Warrington, PA

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Size: 20,100sf Scope: Programming & Design Services Construction Budget: $9,600,000 Location: Warrington, Pennsylvania Completion Date: Summer 2020 Client Contact: Daniel Friel, Chief of Police (215) 343-3311   GKO Architects and Redstone Architects worked as part of the architectural team to design and build a new police station for the city of Warrington, PA. [...]

Police & Municipal Court, Cape Girardeau, MO

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Size: 37,000sf Scope: Programming & Design Services Final Construction Cost: $11,000,000 Location: Cape Girardeau, Missouri Completion Date: February 2018 Client Contact: Wes Blair, Chief of Police (573) 339-6735   Redstone Architects, public safety consultant, and Chiodini Architects of St. Louis MO, were selected to design the city’s new Public Safety Building in 2016 [...]

Mt. Pleasant, SC Town Hall and Police Department

Project Description Size: 87,000 sf Scope: Programming & Concept Design Project Budget: $23,5000,000 Location: Mt. Pleasant, SC Est. Completion Date: 2017 Final Completion Date: August, 2017 Redstone Architects, Public Safety Consultant, and SMHa Architects teamed to program and develop the Schematic Design of a new Town Hall & Police Headquarters for the Town of Mt. [...]

Marshall Regional Law Enforcement Center

project description Redstone Scope of Services: Programming, Business Plan, and full A/E Services Size: 36,000sf + 17,500sf Outbuilding Construction Budget: $11,250,000 Final Construction Cost: $9,205,082 Completion Date: August 31, 2015 Redstone Architects (and Redstone Public Safety Consulting Group) was initially selected to develop a Program and a Business Plan for a Regional Law Enforcement Center [...]

Police Headquarters, Oklahoma City, OK

project description Redstone Scope of Services: Needs Assessment, Programming, Schematic Planning Size: 88,675 s.f. Construction Budget: $22,500,000 Final Construction Cost: $19,343,000 Completion Date: November, 2015 In 2007 the City, sold $35,000,000 in bonds to build a new Justice Center, to include the Police Headquarters and Municipal Courts. In 2010, ADG and Redstone Architects were selected [...]

White Lake Township, MI Public Safety Facility

project description Redstone Scope of Services: Space Needs Assessment & Conceptual Design Study Completed: 2020 Estimated Cost: $18-20,000,000 Project Size: 45,000sf Redstone Architects was engaged by White Lake Township, MI., to develop a new Public Safety building on the Townships new Civic Center site. The study included developing a space needs assessment, creating block and conceptual [...]

Police Headquarters, Waterford, MI

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Size: 57,600sf Scope: Full Architectural Services Final Construction Cost: $8,387,000 Location: Waterford, Michigan Final Completion Date: November 2001 Client Contact: Scott Underwood, Chief of Police (248) 674-0351   As part of a master plan to redevelop its Civic Center, Waterford Township engaged Redstone Architects, Inc. to perform a Needs Assessment Study for a [...]

Michigan State Police Tri-City Post #31

Project Description Size: 12,000sf approx. Scope: Programming & Schematic Design Construction Budget: $2,600,000 Final Construction Cost: N/A Location: Williams Township, MI Estimated Completion Date: Fall 2012 Final Completion Date: November, 2012 User Contact Information: Dawn Davis, Facilities Specialist (517) 336-6228 The State of Michigan selected WTM Architects and Redstone Architects in early 2010 to design [...]

Kentwood, MI Police and Justice Center

Project Description Size: 60,415 sf Scope: Programming & Design Services Construction Budget: $7,500,000 Final Construction Cost: $7,654,259 Location: Kentwood, MI Est. Completion Date: Spring 2002 Final Completion Date: July 2002 Time Adherence: On Schedule Client Contact: Judge William G. Kelly, (616) 544-0717 Chief Tom HIllen, (616) 698-6580   The City of Kentwood engaged Redstone Architects, [...]

Lansing, MI Police and Court Consolidation Study

Project Description Size: Police:  80,000sf  Court:   48,000sf Scope: Programming & Design Construction Budget: Police (2019 Dollars): $27,000,000 Court (2019 Dollars):$17,500,000 to $20,000,000 Final Construction Cost: N/A Location: Lansing, MI Owner Contact Information: Court Administrator, Anethia Brewer, (517) 483-4538   In 2010 Redstone Architects, law enforcement consultant, and C2AE of Lansing, MI programmed the consolidation of [...]

Lincoln Park, MI Law Enforcement & Justice Center Study

Project Description Size: Police:  42,000sf Court:   37,500sf Scope:  Programming & Design Study Project Budget: $30,000,000 (2020 Dollars) Final Construction Cost: N/A Location: Lincoln Park, MI Time Adherence-Studies: On schedule Owner Contact Information: Police Chief:  Ray Watters:  313-381-1800 Court Administrator:  Teri Michael:  313-382-8603   Redstone Architects, Public Safety Architects was selected to develop a Preliminary Study for a new Justice Center [...]

Sheriff Station Study, Livingston County, MI

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Size: 22,000sf Scope: Renovation/Expansion Study  Estimated Project Cost: $10,500,000 (renovation/expansion), $12,500,000 (new construction)  Location: Livingston County, MI  Completion Date: January 2020  Client Contact: Michael Murphy, Sheriff (517) 546-2440   The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office has plans to improve its facilities located on the West Campus at 150 South Highlander Way, Howell, Michigan. Built in [...]

Bridgeton, MO City Hall and Police Department

Project Description Size: 42,000sf Scope: Programming & Design Services Construction Budget: $10,000,000 Final Construction Cost: N/A Location: Bridgeton, MO Est. Completion Date: 2011 Final Completion Date: January 2011 Time Adherence: On Schedule Owner Contact Information: Don Hood, City Administrator (314) 739-7500 Redstone Architects, law enforcement consultant to Chiodini Associates of St. Louis, MO, programmed and provided design services for the police portion of the [...]

Novi, MI Firearms Training Center

Project Description   Size: 6,500sf Scope: Full Architectural Services Final Construction Cost: $1,200,000 Location: Novi, MI Est. Completion Date: Spring 2008 Final Completion Date: Spring 2008 Client Contact: Chief David Molloy (248) 347-0504 The City of Novi, Michigan retained Redstone Architects to design a new gun range for the city’s Police Department.  The total project cost of $1,700,000 was funded through drug [...]

Windsor, CO Police Study

project description Redstone Scope of Services: Public Safety Consultant: Programming & Conceptual Design Study Completed: 2020 Project Size: 42,800sf Redstone Architects teamed with Infusion Architects to work on a police station study as part of a larger city-wide study of the Police Facility, Town Hall, Satellite Public Works Facility, and Art & Heritage Center. The project [...]

Gaithersburg, MD Police Study

project description Redstone Scope of Services: Public Safety Consultant: Programming & Conceptual Design Study Completed: 2017 Project Size: 45,000sf In 2016 Redstone Architects worked with Schrader Group on a study of the Police Station for the City of Gaithersburg, MD. The study began with a review of the existing facility and site, followed by a [...]

Police Station, Jacksonville, NC

project description Redstone Scope of Services: Programming & Schematic Design Project Size: 93,000 s.f. Construction Budget: $22,300,000 Final Construction Cost: $22,985,671 Completion Date: October, 2014 Redstone Architects, law enforcement consultant, and Bergmann Architects of Charlotte, NC, were selected to design the city’s new Public Safety Building. The facility houses the Police Department, Fire Department Headquarters, [...]