Architectural Planning, Design & Consulting for Local And Nationwide Law Enforcement Agencies and Departments

Redstone Architects has decades of experience in the design of police station architecture across the country. Our architecture firm was founded in 1937. For the past four decades, we have assisted local architects and municipalities in the planning and design of police and justice facilities.

Our projects range from renovations of existing police stations to larger law enforcement facilities for multiple agencies. We have worked with departments on projects as small as upgrading & security improvements to a lobby and front desk to a Police Headquarters for the Oklahoma City Police Department.

We offer a wide range of architectural and planning services for police and law enforcement organizations with a diverse portfolio of satisfied clients. Our team of experts can assist your local architect or your municipality through every phase of the project from needs assessment and planning all the way through construction administration.

Law Enforcement Architecture & Design Consulting Services

Redstone Architects provides consulting services for police facilities & justice centers to architects throughout the United States. We have assisted with police station design projects in numerous states including Delaware, Illinois, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and West Virginia. Within Michigan, Redstone Architects provides traditional design-bid-build and CMR delivery methods as well as partnered design & build services as appropriate.

At Redstone Architects we have a very unique understanding of the need for government agencies to provide cost-effective solutions for their police and law enforcement architectural needs. That’s why Redstone Architects has decades of experience in finding opportunities for efficiencies and shared services that could result in significant savings to your organization’s operating budget while creating a space worthy of your city’s finest.

Types Of Police Facilities We Design

  • Police Stations
  • Police Headquarters
  • Municipal and Local Court Buildings
  • Justice Centers
  • Regional Law Enforcement Centers
  • Sheriff Stations
  • Firearms Training Centers

Our Police & Law Enforcement Facility Design Process

Police Facility Needs Analysis & Assessment Study

As municipal facilities continue to operate well past their planned lifespan, they often become seriously overcrowded, suffer from a lack of sufficient infrastructure (HVAC, electrical, data, and telecommunication) and limp along with outdated security and safety systems. These environments invariably result in a decline in operational efficiency and morale of the user agencies. The first step in any new building project to correct or replace these deficiencies is to conduct a Space Needs Analysis or Needs Assessment.

Beyond looking at existing deficiencies we also use this stage of the process to evaluate opportunities to improve the overall sustainability of the facility as well as the mental & physical wellness of the first responders who occupy it.

Police Facility Design

Once our team of expert architects have identified your specific needs and goals for your new law enforcement facility, we can provide full architectural services to help design a facility that balances those needs with other constraints like budget and schedule.

We then seamlessly integrate into your team of existing architects, builders or designers to help manage and facilitate your project as well as provide recommendations for partners to deliver on the construction of your new police facilities.

Building Your Police Facility Design Team

Most architects serve their market areas well, and have good relationships within their own communities. However, every building type has different functional requirements that can sometimes be quite complicated. This is especially the case in the design of facilities for emergency first responders like police stations, 911 Dispatch Centers, Justice Centers, and Emergency Operations Centers. This is where Redstone Architects can help.

Redstone Architects offers expertise on these project types to local architects throughout the United States & Canada. We work in a team environment where Redstone Architects provides the upfront expertise to determine the project requirements and set the initial design parameters. The local architect provides many of the more typical detailed construction documents, interfaces with local engineering consultants, and works with local governmental agencies throughout the design and construction process.

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