Redstone Architects has extensive experience in the design of fire station architecture. For years we have assisted local fire departments in the planning and design of their facilities.

Our projects range in size from smaller renovations of existing local fire departments to larger shared facilities that also incorporate facilities for police stations. We’ve worked with departments on projects as small as a 2,700 s.f. addition to the Springfield, MI department and as large as a 93,000 s.f. combined fire and police services facility in Jacksonville, NC. We offer a wide range of architectural and planning services for fire stations with many satisfied clients. Our services can assist your organization through every phase of the project from needs assessment and planning all the way through construction administration.

Fire Station Consulting

Redstone Architects also provides consulting services for fire station design to architects throughout the United States. We have assisted with fire station design projects in numerous states including: Michigan, North Carolina, and West Virginia. Redstone Architects provides traditional design-bid-build architectural services as well as partnered design-build services in order to complete projects within an accelerated schedule. At Redstone Architects we also understand the need for government agencies to provide cost-effective solutions for their various public safety needs. Redstone Architects can assist your organization in finding opportunities for efficiencies and shared services that could result in significant savings to your organization’s operating budget.

Sauk Prairie, WI Public Safety Study

Project Description Size:  27,430sf Scope:  Programming & Design Study Estimated Cost: $7,000,000 Location: Sauk Prairie, WI Redstone Architects was engaged by MSA Architects to be its Public Safety specialist to help program and design a new headquarters building for the Villages of Sauk City and Prarie du Sac, Wisconsin. The Department, approximately 20, is planning [...]

Fire Station, Battle Creek, MI

project description   Redstone Scope of Services: Study and Programming Study Size: City-Wide Facilities Study Date: 2016   Redstone Architects has been engaged to review the City of Battle Creek’s fire station facility needs. Included in the study is the programming of a new Central Fire Station, as well as programming of two satellite fire [...]

White Lake Township, MI Public Safety Facility

project description Redstone Scope of Services: Space Needs Assessment & Conceptual Design Study Completed: 2020 Estimated Cost: $18-20,000,000 Project Size: 45,000sf Redstone Architects was engaged by White Lake Township, MI., to develop a new Public Safety building on the Townships new Civic Center site. The study included developing a space needs assessment, creating block and conceptual [...]

Fire Station, Troy, MI

project description Redstone Scope of Services: Full Architectural Services Size: 10,600 s.f. Construction Budget: $3,607,250 (including demolition of existing station) Final Construction Cost: $3,512,867 Completion Date: July, 2017 Redstone Architects was engaged to program and design a new, replacement fire station to better serve the southeastern area of the city. The old 6,800sf station, built [...]

Fire Station, Warr Acres, OK

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Size: 8,300sf Scope: Public Safety Consultant for Programming, Conceptual/Schematic Design  Estimated Project Cost: $2,690,000  Location: Warr Acres, Oklahoma  Est. Completion Date: December 2021  Client Contact: Stephen Coy, Fire Chief (405) 789-5912   Redstone Architects joined Troy D. Rhodes Company to design the Warr Acres Fire Station. Redstone’s expertise allowed for a more efficient, safe, [...]

Fire Department Study, Cascade Township, MI

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Size: 19,620sf Scope: Public Safety Consultant for Study Location: Cascade Township, MI Client Contact: Adam Magers, Fire Chief (616) 949-1320   Redstone Architects was asked to join the Progressive AE team to offer our public safety expertise to the Township of Cascade for their fire station study. The study included developing a space [...]

Central Emergency Services Facility, Upper Providence Township, PA

PROJECT DESCRIPTION Size: 21,300sf Scope: Public Safety Consultant for Programming & Full Design Services  Estimated Project Cost: $12,900,000  Location: Upper Providence Township, Pennsylvania  Est. Completion Date: March 2022  Client Contact: Dan Kerrigan, Fire Chief (610) 933-9179   Redstone Architects consulted for GKO Architects on a Central Emergency Services Facility. Redstone provided the services for programming through [...]

Fire Station No.1, Monroe, MI

project description Size: 15,560sf Scope: Programming & Full Design Services  Estimated Project Cost: $6,350,000, including soft costs and Land  Construction Cost (Bid):  $5,276,600  Location: Monroe, Michigan  Est. Completion Date: Fall 2019  Final Completion Date: September 2019  Client Contact: Robert Wight, Fire Chief (734) 564-9388   Redstone Architects was engaged by the City of Monroe to identify the space needs for the City’s [...]

Fire Station, Jacksonville, NC

project description Redstone Scope of Services: Programming & Schematic Design Project Size: 93,000 s.f. Construction Budget: $22,300,000 Final Construction Cost: $22,985,671 Completion Date: October, 2014 Redstone Architects, public safety consultant, and Bergmann Architects of Charlotte, NC, were selected to design the city’s new Public Safety Building. The facility houses the Police Department, Fire Department Headquarters, [...]

Fire Department Headquarters & Central Fire Station, Chesterfield Township, MI

Project Description Size: 16,000sf Scope:  Programming & Design Construction Budget: $2,600,000 Final Construction Cost: $2,671,000 Location: Chesterfield Twp., MI Est. Completion Date: 2005 Final Completion Date: August, 2005 Time Adherence: N/A Owner Contact Information:  Brad Kersten, Director of Public Safety (586) 725-2233, [email protected]   Chesterfield Township initially engaged Redstone Architects Inc. to develop a Needs Assessment Program for a new Fire Department [...]

Station No. 1, Taylor, MI

Project Description Size: 28,000 square feet Scope: Design Build Final Project Cost: $5,000,000 Location: Taylor, MI Est. Completion Date: Fall 2005 Final Completion Date: October 2005 Contractor: Walbridge/Wade Trim JV. Client Contact: Vincent Fedel, Retired Fire Chief (734) 934-2193 Redstone Architects was engaged to lead the design effort for the Taylor Municipal Complex Improvements.  The work consisted of four projects to be designed [...]

Reactivation of Fire Department Apparatus Bays, Plymouth, MI

Project Description Scope: Needs Assessment Project Budget-2004 Study: $3,700,000 to $4,500,000 Project Cost- 2011 Renovation:  $300,000 Location: Plymouth, MI Owner Contact Information: Paul Sincock, City Manager (734) 453-1234 In 2004, the City of Plymouth, MI commissioned Wade-Trim and Redstone Architects, Inc. to prepare a master plan of their City Hall and Police Department facility. A needs analysis proved that the [...]

Public Safety Addition – Design-Build, Springfield, MI

project description Location: Springfield, MI Redstone Scope of Services: Design Build Project Size: 6,500sf (renovated portion and addition) Final Construction Cost: $800,000 Completion Date: Spring, 2008 Client Contact: Scott Furgason, Director of Public Safety (269) 965-7795 Redstone Architects, Inc. completed an addition and renovation for the City of Springfield’s Public Safety Department. The Needs Assessment resulted in [...]