Bridgeton, MO City Hall and Police Department

City Hall and Police Department
Bridgeton, MO City Hall and Police Department

  • LOCATION Bridgeton, MO
  • SERVICES Public Safety Consultant for Chiodini Associates: Programming & Design
  • SIZE 42,000sf

Project Description

Size: 42,000sf

Scope: Programming & Design Services

Construction Budget: $10,000,000

Final Construction Cost: N/A

Location: Bridgeton, MO

Est. Completion Date: 2011

Final Completion Date: January 2011

Time Adherence: On Schedule

Owner Contact Information: Don Hood, City Administrator

(314) 739-7500

Redstone Architects, law enforcement consultant to Chiodini Associates of St. Louis, MO, programmed and provided design services for the police portion of the city’s new Governmental Complex.  The police department will occupy approximately 25,000 sf of the facility.  The sloping site provided challenges and opportunities for the team to create an exciting and efficient solution.  The Council Chamber also serves as a Municipal Court.

Architect of Record:  Chiodini Associates, St. Louis, MO