Most architects design aesthetically pleasing buildings.  However, every type of building has different functional requirements that can sometimes be quite complicated.  This is especially the case in the design of facilities for emergency first responders like Police and Fire stations, 911 Dispatch Centers, Justice Centers, and Emergency Operations Centers.

Redstone Architects offers expertise on these projects types to local architects throughout the United States & Canada to create a team environment where Redstone Architects provides the upfront expertise to determine the project requirements and set the initial design parameters.  The local architect provides many of the more typical detailed construction drawings.  The local architect also takes the lead on services that are better suited to a more local organization, such as interfacing with local authorities, receiving bids from local contractors, and conducting periodic inspection of construction progress.

Redstone Architects is happy to share its expertise with local architects throughout the country in order to create a successful project for the client and citizens of their community.

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