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Public Safety Consultant

Redstone Public Safety Consulting Group (“RPSCG”) is a premier public safety consultant created to respond to the needs of communities throughout the United States who need sound, objective advice on how to continue to provide quality public safety services with reduced funding.

 RPSCG is comprised of active public safety chiefs, as well as other public safety and justice specialists. Each of our team members has gone through – with their own departments – strategic planning and analysis process that have resulted in recommendations for cost savings in their departments tailored specifically to their communities needs, including consolidation of departments and courts.

 Our team is made up of active chiefs with extensive police, fire, public safety and judicial experience, as well as architects. Public safety team members complement each other, as we are experienced in both full-time and on-call operations, and have led fully cross-trained public safety operations. Our team has a depth of real time experience, including scheduling, budgeting, productivity analysis, consolidation studies, staffing requirements, communications, security, strategic planning and architecture.

Consolidation & Shared Facilities Studies

Redstone Public Safety Consulting specializes in studies to determine when one building or complex can houses multiple agencies.  Our studies have proven that every agency can benefit from the synergies developed within a shared facility.  In law enforcement the protection of the public is enhanced by the collaboration of multiple agencies. In all public safety and justice facilities, communities benefit by being able to share personnel and physical facilities, reducing both initial capital costs and annual operating costs.

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